The Harbor Garage Gym Package

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-The Harbor Garage Gym Package is a great starting point for athletes with the desire for a home gym & want to start or continue their fitness journey. With great quality and pricing you can save by bundling all the essentials.

-With a Squat Stand, FID Adjustable Bench, Olympic Barbell of your choice, 260lb Rubber Bumper Plate Set, and Collars, you'll have an unlimited amount of workout variations to continue your weightlifting success. 

What’s included: 

  • 2 UHMW Plastic lined Safety Spotter Arms 
  • 1 Adjustable Pull-up Bar 
  • 2 UHMW J Hooks 
  • 2 Safety Pins to secure your spotter arms 
  • 1 Harbor Squat Stand 


260Lb Rubber Bumper set Includes:                             2 x 10,15,25,35,45lb Black Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates

BARBELL: Choose between our Harbor Economy Olympic Barbell Or the Harbor Cerakote Olympic Bar

The Harbor Cerakote Olympic Barbell features polymer-ceramic composite coating which is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. 

It is exceptionally machined with precision engineering featuring dual knurl marks 

& Quality composite bushings and 8 needle bearings that give it a spin like no other


Specifications: Cerakote Olympic Barbell

Bearing/Bushing: 8 needle bearing/ 2 bronze bushing 
 Bar Weight:  20 kg 
Total Length:  86.6 in (2200 mm)
Bar Diameter: 28mm

Knurl Marks:            Style:

Dual IWF Standard        Medium

Bar Finish: Black Zinc 
Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI

Max Load:

1500 lb


An Economy Bar that doesn't break the bank!

-The Economy Barbell is a multipurpose barbell that supports a max weight capacity of up to 700-pounds.

-It is crafted from cold-rolled steel coated in a chrome finish with dual knurl marks suitable for Olympic lifts and slower, heavier power lifts.

-The Medium diamond knurl texture makes for a secure grip with every lift.

-Built for beginners to intermediate lifters or those who just want to save a buck! It’s the ultimate versatile barbell.

  Specifications: The Harbor Economy Barbell 

Bearing/Bushing 2 needle bearing/ 2 bronze bushing 
 Bar Weight  20 kg 
Total Length  86.6 in (2200 mm)
Bar Diameter  28mm
Knurl Marks & Style  Dual/ Medium Knurling 
Loadable sleeve length  16.4 inches 
Tensile Strength  130,000 PSI

Max Load

700 lb


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