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Harbor Heavyweights Co.

The Harbor Open Hex Bar

The Harbor Open Hex Bar

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The Harbor Open Hex/Trap Bar is an essential tool for any gym to provide variation to barbell deadlift, squats, farmer walks etc.

- Designed in the USA, It takes up the role as a bar jack which provides ample clearance for unencumbered loading and unloading

- Manufactured from the finest materials with our Harbor Heavyweights Co. signature attention to detail

- It comes equipped with Hard Chrome Coating to prevent rust and corrosion also giving a sleek look 

- The dual handles come equipped with medium knurling making it perfect for a strong grip 

  • The Harbor Open Hex/Trap Bar improves lifting efficiency and relieves lower back stress by lifting with arms by your sides in a neutral grip instead of in front of your body
  • You get the same full-body strength work as a conventional pull without worrying about scraped shins and maintaining leg contact with the barbell 
  • Finally you can get your hands on an Open designed specialty trap bar with the same functionality & without overpaying 
  • The Harbor Open Hex/Trap Bar solves many issues common to trap bars on the market today which are often difficult to load, cumbersome to use and challenging to store.

  • Our unique open design is approachable and the bar is counterbalanced so users can easily move between the upright storage/loading position and the horizontal lifting position.

    • 59" total length from outer sleeve to outer sleeve 
    • 12" long, 25mm diameter handles
    • 9.5" loadable sleeves
    • The “open” area of the hex bar is 27.5”wide 
    • 700lb max load capacity 
    • Includes a pair of 2 inch spring collars 
    • weight: 20kg 
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