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Harbor Heavyweights Co.

The Harbor HH80 V2 Elite Half Rack & Smith Machine Trainer with Dual 200lb Weight Stacks

The Harbor HH80 V2 Elite Half Rack & Smith Machine Trainer with Dual 200lb Weight Stacks

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The Harbor HH80 Elite Half Rack & Smith Machine Trainer is a 3x3 Inch 11 Gauge Steel one-of-a-kind machine that is changing the way you work out. We wanted to create a Squat Rack that would appeal to Bodybuilders, home gym Lifters, and Athletes of all sorts. 

The Smith Machine is a great safe option for those with injuries that may prevent them from performing the usual barbell squat, bench, or other key movements. 


Upgrades to the HH80 V2:

  • The V2 will allow customers to position their Smith machine barbell in the front or back of the squat rack. We will include 2 sets of wire lengths with every Rack so that you can switch the position at any time.
  • The V2 will be offered in 86-inch height as well. From the floor to the top of the pulleys it will be 86 inches in height. 

  • New Height will be 93 Inches for the V2 to the top of the pulley. The Uprights will still be the same as the V1 at 90 inches in height. 
  • Each rack will include our upgraded V-Style Pull-up Bar or add one of the Multi Grip Pull-up Bars to your order.  Multi-Grip pullup bar
  • Each Rack will include a pair of our upgraded fully knurled D-Grip Handles, includes 1 pair per order. At no extra charge
  • 1 Pair of Magnetic Pins will be included with your order to secure your spotter arms to your HH80 V2. They will fit all racks with a one-inch hole


Benefits of the HH80 Smith Machine Trainer

  • Provides stabilized weight — Our Smith machines include a self-balancing barbell equipped with guide rods so you don't have to worry about balancing the barbell. As a result, you can devote all your attention to lifting the weight and allowing the bar to move smoothly along a fixed vertical plane.
  • Consistent Form — The Fixed plane of motion of our HH80 Trainer not only means you can lift more weight. It also means that you can perform exercises with consistent form every time. 
  • Safety  — The HH80 is a spotter for solo lifters and helps keep heavy weights from wrenching your shoulders or joints if you lose your balance or control mid-move. While performing heavy plate-loaded exercises you can hook the barbell into several slots on the frame so that it won’t be dropped. If you do get into trouble, just twist the bar forward and it hooks onto the frame securely. 

Standing 93" tall specifically designed to give you plenty of reach for high & low cable positions. Loaded with (2) 200 Lb weight stacks giving 
you plenty of resistance for training all muscle groups 

This commercial unit offers versatility with a footprint small enough to fit in your home and still provide all the essential functions to hold its own in a Commercial Training Facility. 

It’s time to bring the gym home to you! 




  • Half Rack
  • Functional Trainer
  • 2:1 cable pulley ratio 
  • Dual integrated 200lb weight stacks (can be increased with our weight pins)
  • Powder coat finish 
  • High Tensile Cables
  • Commercial Grade Cables 
  • Olympic Smith Barbell 45lb; 700lb capacity 
  • Smith Machine contains High Quality Linear Bearings
  • Adjustable Aluminum Pulley System that swivels on both sides 
  • Massive 1 Inch Black Hardware
  • 3x3 Inch Frame 
  • 11 Gauge Steel Tubing
  • 1 Inch Hole size with 2-inch spacing 



  • Height: 93"  From the floor to the top of the pulley system
  • Width: 80" total width, from the end of the Smith barbell to the other end.
  • Inside Rack width of 43.3” 
  • Length: 65" from the front of the foot extension to the back of the Squat Rack
  • 90” Uprights

Attachments Included: 

  • 2 Sandwich J-Cups
  • V style Pull-Up Bar or (add a Multi-Grip pullup bar)
  • 2 Safety Spotter Arms 
  • 2 Safety Front Foot Extensions 
  • 2 Knurled alloy D Grip Handles 
  • 1 Landmine Attachment 
  • 6 Stainless Steel Weight Plate Storage Holders
  • 1 pair of mag pins to secure your spotter arms 





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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nathaniel Miller
Solid HH80 V2 Rack and Excellent Customer Service

I purchased the HH80 V2 a couple weeks ago and I couldn't of asked for a better rack. The company definitely put a lot of thought into making this rack perfect. I wish I would of bought it sooner. I finally completed a full week of lifting on it, and the pulleys are very smooth and the smith machine is a great add on. It's definitely worth the price. There's not a single cheap piece on it. It's all heavy duty and put together very well. The instructions need a little work, but if you have any mechanical skills, you won't have any issues putting it together. It just takes time and patience. With the customer service Harbor Heavyweights provides, if you do have any questions about the rack or assembly, Andrew will answer you with a phone call or text with any answers to your questions pretty quickly. The customer service was excellent, which is hard to find these days. If you're thinking about getting the rack, I wouldn't hesitate. Get it, you won't regret it. I hope the company continues to grow and succeed like they have been.

TJ Mathis
Ultimate Machine Perfect Price

This machine was a preorder and I felt like a child on Christmas morning waiting on its arrival. When arrived it was packaged very nicely. The instructions were ok. Took a little longer to put together due to some mistakes but once it was all together this rack is amazing. The pulleys are so smooth the smith bar glides up and down with no catching. The machine was put together very well the hardware was packaged nicely. I’ve had this machine for about a week now and it’s easily my favorite piece I have. They even accommodated my request to have my uprights clear coated. The customer service was amazing as well. All in all my experience has been amazing. Non the less. Do not sleep on this machine or this company. If I were to start over would I purchase this again? 1000x yes and the price of this machine was the cherry on top.

Connor Pickle
Harbor HH80V2 Elite Half Rack & Smith Machine

I recently purchased and assembled the new HH80V2 from Harbor Heavyweights.
This product is the best of its kind and an absolute unit of a machine! The assembly was not too challenging, with simple parts and all the tools you need. The smith machine and cables are silky smooth.
Customer service has been professional, quick, and informative. I was able to receive consistent support and communication throughout the order process.
This is an excellent company with an incredible product. I will be a lifelong customer.